Octavia Royal, The Nation's Princess.

More like, Octavia Royal, my life is a big hot mess.
My father’s death has me back in my hometown, and nothing is as I remember.

Echoes Cove Prep is a place where dreams go to die.
Where everyone wants to be a mean girl, no matter what they sacrifice and the three boys who were once my saviors, run the place. Only now they’re my worst nightmare. 

There’s something sinister writhing beneath the surface of Echoes Cove. Tangled up in the web of deadly secrets, a wicked game of survival, these people are about to learn, the venom that runs through this town, runs through my veins too…
And I’m not going anywhere.

This series is a new adult, dark contemporary romance with off the charts angst, enemies to lovers themes, some scenes of bullying, along with four hot guys and one girl. The book contains sexual scenes, mature language and some violence. Please read the content warnings included in the book, because this book is dark. A full list of trigger warnings can be found at the front of the book.

Tormented Royal