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The Ruin of Souls

The Shadow Walkers Saga



Not all monsters are what they seem.

“Our families are different. We are Nephilim. Elite beings descended from Angels, created to help keep the balance in the five factions of our world. We are the peacekeepers, the enforcers, and the protectors. We do not know a true death, and this isn’t your first life.”

In that instant my entire life changed.

One minute, I'm human, engaged, and ready to start the rest of my life.
The next, everything and everyone I thought I knew… it was all a lie.

With more secrets locked in my memories than I could have ever thought possible, the things around me stop adding up as everything starts to unravel.

My enemies are not what I’ve been told… And this world isn't just black and white.

The Shadow Walkers Saga series must be read in the following order:

01. The Ruin of Souls
02. The Birth of Chaos
03. The Secret of Pain
04. The Misery of Shadows
05. The Reaping of Envy
06. The Rise of Dawn

Please note: this series was previously released under different titles, under the pen name Sloane Murphy.

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